LightBike Online App Reviews

99 add

the best one

la meilleure adaptation depuis TRON....


Das spiek is cool ABER es hangt online extremst!!

Great game...

... but I can never connect to online mode?


I could of just saved three dollars . The online doesnt work . Im not recommending . If you fix this Ill give 5 stars . And recommended to all .

Online is slow and crashes

Ok, so you finally put the online mode on this app. But it doesnt work properly! It always crashes and is slow in connecting to games and I have high speed Internet. Fix this

Good game BUT...

Fun game play, but how about adding some challenges in 1 player mode? Another user recommended a maze or something like that, I second that idea. Also online play doesnt work! Since youre advertising this as an online game I think it should work as such. If you fix this Ill recommended the game but as it is currently I do not recommend.


The online play is good but it is too lagey witch makes it realy hard and frustating to play


Amazing but try to only work on wifi online for a week or 2

Pretty good...

its an amazing app but... The online part of the app is terrible and I keep getting disconnected when Im in pre-play mode even after this little update. fix plz.


This game is a win. Great app except online is terrible. Only four stars till online is fixed

I love this game! Simple and addictive. However, I wish there were more bike colours (like green or purple) and a choice of background graphics (that adaptability would earn it a fifth star).

Good game

But if you could play over Bluetooth than it would be a five star


Super game but need an update soon

Laggy Online

Awesome game, laggy wi-fi

Need updated

The wifi is lagging and playing via Bluetooth would just make it 5+ stars. But please fix the lag issue

Audio surf!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent game, improve the online play And make an app for the game audio surf pleeeease


Alot of problems with this. Its slow. Sometimes it says "opponent disconmected. You win" but your score goes down:s FIXXX

Omg crazy game

Online is awsome I versed so many people


And I love the new starting view pan. Id give it a five star but its laggy. Possibly fixable?


Please add 2-4 player bluetooth mode, it would be sooooo much better cause all my friends have basically everyone has it.

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