LightBike Online App Reviews

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Good play online

Playing people online works fairly well. There is some inconsistency connecting to games but it is worth it for when you get to play a match with little lag. The point system seems to make sense in regards to losing connection. Im having fun with this game.

Love the game but....

When Is the update!!!!!!???? ive been waiting for so long.


Needs internet wifi tho


Nice update..i cant even play it cause of this explotation systeme 4.0

So damn good

UPDATE: I continue to play this game, even after two years. Well worth the money. I much prefer this version to Light Bike 2. INITIAL REVIEW: Especially with the new options for arena size. Id like to be able to choose camera views too - cockpit or front of bike for example. But this is a great game as it is - thanks! Turn off the "smooth camera controls" if you find the SWOOPING distracts you..

HELP! can no longer connect to the server

I can no longer connect to the server. I still have the same message... Failed to connect to sever. Please try again later. Can you help me solve this problem? I like playing to LightBike Online very much.

Umm fix it?!

Hey I hope that you could Fix the online and bluetooth ive been trying to Play against a friend for over the last 45 min. Please fix it?!

Buy this app! :D

This app is awesome! The only problem is sometimes when you play online it freezes a bit or slows down. But still a awesome app! Buy this app and play online, I need more people to play against!


I went to the birthday party and I was playing with 50 friends with this application! Just Amazing!


簡単操作、白熱するゲームです。オンライン対戦の緊張感がたまりません。 しかし、高得点者disconnector(負けそうになったらルーター電源を切ってしまう人)が多いのも事実です。改善策としては高得点者の負けた時の減点を50点ではなく、20点ぐらいの設定にしたらどうでしょうか?LightBike2のように減点0とは言いませんが… Twitter@ponsuke_LBにて LightBike online普及活動tweet中です。宜しくお願い致します。

5 stars!

Great APP!! with each version it gets better and better!! Highly recommend game) Всем качать!!! Будем играть по wifi))

What Happened to Online Matches?

Wow Venom, you just stupidly admitted your cheating scheme to everyone. You chat with your two other boys online, and each of you take turns allowing the other to win so that you three always maintain the highest scores in the game. Also, when people come close to beating you or your friends, you guys cut out to not lose points. Pathetic! If you play me, youll get the same treatment, and anyone else who cheats. Otherwise, if you can beat me you deserve to win, and I will let you! What happened to online? Notice, or information for your customers please!

Lightbike review

Ok j love this game its great. But the online is a little hard cuz its jumps sometimes but its still the best app out all of mine well I like call of duty zombies that fun to so good job who ever mad this game!

The game used to be great

The game itself is great, but the connection is usually laggy. Also, I always beat top players but somehow they cheat and it wont let them take a loss. F . u.. Cki. Ng loserssssss on this game but whatever

Cheaters stop the game from being great

Yeah, so the game has a great system of online play, but Ive beaten one of the top players several times now, and twice the game has said that my game result was not saved to the server after I had already won, and the other few times it just said Ive been disconnected from the server and the game counts as a tie. The times that he beat me though, of course there has been no problem. Glitches/hackers prevent the game from being as awesome as it should be. Otherwise, its cool.


I loved this app, but the Internet is not working. The wi-fi was on and everything but it didnt work. I love this app a lot but can you please give an update out? That would be great! It would be cool if you got change the color of the bike or the pattern of the laser left behind. Thanks and please try to give an update out:)


I really love this game but or some reason it crashed


I bought this just for the online option, and it has not worked since I bought it. Not worth you money.

No online play

This ap use to work great and was very quick and responsive. Now it wont allow online play, which was the best part about the game. Please fix!

Waste of money

Online mode dosnt work. Dont waste your money or time on this piece of crap.

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