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Game is dead

If I could give it zero stars I would, the best players dont play online is gone if It had an update I would easily give it all give starts just for knowing they still care about it 1.Skylit 2.Venom 3.Xenon 4.Beanz/Houston 5.Ivan-d.r/Puma 6.Gosterider(yes he cheats but hes a very good player) 7.Gattgun 8.WeirdBeard 9.The Rida 10.Lowlypawn

Online play is back!

The servers are working again. Great game! Gattgun


We, as humans, do not think of the world as a living organism that exists on a grand scale in a vast electro-magnigravitational sea, much less as the roots to our own existence. I believe we need to take the steps that will improve and advance our species as 2012 is upon us. In order for us to do this we must look at the micro/macro side of everything and let facts persuade theories instead of theories persuading facts. This game is great.


Awesome Great Good Okay Mediocre Below basic Not good Bad Horrible

Needs more people


Okay, but has issues...

Fix the internet/network mode. I have tried many times to play an internet match, and all that has happened is either it just says "matching..." forever and never connects, or it matches up, but the connection fails. This is ridiculus. Its bad enough that you have to pay for coins to do an internet match on LightBike 2, but come on! Fix this! Minor things I would suggest is to add more selectable colors such as green, orange, or purple, even black would be cool, or/and allow players to set the rubber and number of AIs. Three AIs even on Hard is not much of a challenge. At least doubling that would be. And also, why is the arena made, even when at the largest size, to allow players to fall off? As I remember playing tron, the arena extented all the way to the wall. So why? Fix/Add on to all of this and it would get 5 stars.

Great game needs update

I could never get board of this game. Somehow I stay entertained. But yes this game would be sooo much better with updates. Game been out awhile and nothing. I need more of a challenge. Playing online would be better than wifi. You say its coming out but when. And how can u plan for an update after the next update if u cant accomplish the first update? Well hopefully someday. Someday........ (UPDATE 24JUN10) Never thought there would be updates. PLayed about 9 months ago before i got sent to Iraq and seems to be the same problems then that are still happening now. As far as the lagging and not being able to see your bike becuase of it. I see updates but not fixing the problem i see. Update - 05FEB12 This game WAS fun but not anymore due to lightbike 2. Now its no longer fun especially since we are still able to play online. This game has always been a failure. Once give 4 stars, now you only have one.

What the freak?

So here is the thing. Game was working just fine until the ios5 update. Now I cant even play it on hard mode. No Internet no hard difficulty? Someone just shoot me?


The game cant UPDATE!!!! When I tried to update it failed to download!!!!! Now I cant play!!!!!


I would love to see new colors for Our bikes in this game. Like purple, or black. Better graphics couldnt hurt, but Im not complaining. Now, Ive faced a couple of good players lately. Tapshot is one, Atothek is another, and lastly, Sneeches. I gotta say watch out for these guys. They know how to take away points. If any of you three are reading this, Thanks for the rematches guys. Looking forward to our future battles.

Cheaters List

^__^-WOman ===tron=== Mrs Beanz ivan-dr or storm whatever... Maxlaw Lammaster Weirdbeard Heavyrider gaymunguy Losthope Beanz breathtake southside ^.....^ Bull1tt W.vanhalen Geeze! Except for skylit and ar-cerina is there a top player that ever takes a loss? Great game except for droppers and scoring. CABO

Free Version is No Good

Free Version is No Good since I end up tapping the ads making me lose, so I have no choice but to buy the full version. All in all, a great game online.

List of Cheaters/Cmon!!!

WeirdBeard (still a good player) Maxlaw (always has been a cheater) (best player Ive seen) :) Maxlaw100 Lickmybag ^_^-man Less than earlier in "Lightbike". Good job to cheaters. :)

Dont buy

How can a game called light bike ONLINE not let you get online! Useless. Buy the free version to play the standard non online game.


I cant play online anymore!!! update this❕❕❕

Connection Failed

The online part of this game is not working.


The Internet never works! ): it always says FAILED TO CONNECT TO SERVER!


Boring after awhile. Server connection problems.

One of my favs

Downloaded the free version a few years ago and have played it ever since. Ive played this longer than any other app. Just upgraded to pay version to support the devs. Its simplicity is the key. Does what it does really well. I do not like newer light cycle apps... This one feels like old school Tron. You just turn left and right and try to cut off the enemy. There is no xtra, over-designed mumbo-jumbo in there. Just good, basic light cycles. This is a really nice app and an easy five stars.

Finally works again

Online Multiplayer is working again! This game has been through a lot, and its good to see the developers are still supporting it. Although I dont play as much as before, its still easily my favorite app in the app store. Skylit

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