LightBike Online App Reviews


Trop cool en wifi et plein dautre truc


Macht Spaß. Aber online kommt immer Open udb Port. Wer kann helfen.




I was "Ivan-d.r." Now known as "Storm." :D

Awesome game but please update it for IOS 11

Awesome game but please update it for IOS 11.


Please update to work one iOS 11 I miss this game very much

Love the app! Please make it compatible with iOS 11.

This app is fantastic. I bought it when I was young and I still play it now that I am in college. Please update it so that I can continue to play it on iOS 11.

My Favorite Game!

Update: Especially after the update, game crashes at startup. iPhone 3G, os4. This is my favorite game. I miss playing, don't like lightbike2. Please get this one back up and running? This game turned me into a zombie. ;) Lightbike2 I wasn't impressed with. I really love this version and hope these guys keep it updated. This application isn't working on properly on the new OS4... Look for Fr3ShiE in the game, that's me! Good luck! ;)

Need update

This app has been all over the place. A whole ago it wouldn't run on internet and now it's fine but the online rankings won't display. If pankaku could get this app to be a little more consistent it would be easily rated at 5 stars.

Light Bike Online app keeps crashing

This app is NOT worth $2.99 or $0.99 when i purchased. Since last update keeps crashing. No response/customer support. Imagine all the ppl who've paid & chose not to complain. Imagine how much this app company "Pankaku" has made. Think about that...DON'T BUY!

Crashes Immediatley

It's been a month and still you guys didn't fix it... I really want to play it because it's fun but it always crashes!! I paid money for it and it doesn't even work!! If you guys can't fix it I think you should give us our money back..I think the reason your not responding to people is because you don't know how to fix it,so respond so we know your trying to fix it!!!

Latest update causes instant crash

UPDATE: I used the vendor support link to go to their web page, sent an email describing the instant crash and got no response. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it .. Same issue .. Instant crash. There are several other reviews with the exact same issue since release of the latest version in Nov 2013, and the apps creator has done nothing to resolve the issue. Do NOT purchase this app until there's another update. If you already own it an haven't updated it, DON'T update this app until they correct the problem. Up until the last update, it had been working well and I was using it about once a week of so. However, this most recent update has caused 100% failure. Now it won't even open completely before crashing. I've reboot the phone and no change. Instant crash. Please undo whatever u just did!

Great game

This game is definately worth it!


I was #200 in the world and lost everything when I got a new iPod but overall great game. Also lost the version


Will no longer open. Crashes since last update.

Good game but

Lag kills! Not near as good as LB2! Both LB and LB2 are neglected by developers, they are prohibiting this game from dominating over all the rest. Sad!!! I used to play this app a lot 2 years back. Venom or Venox, whipped me over and over one night. I lost at least 50 times to this guy before I won; I want to thank this player for teaching me all these techniques I use today. I still think about "die before me", this guy has disconnected on me at least 12 times. ---tron--- just did this to me yesterday, which reminded me of why I stopped playing. This app is like a foreclosed house, you could buy it dirt cheap, Make some upgrades and 6 months from now, Be worth double. Why no one has stepped up, Is a mystery!!!

Its finally fixed!

Light bike will connect multiplayer again!!

The Best Light Cycle Game to Date

To be certain, this game is old (first installed on an iPhone 3 back in the day)... It's a relic that will probably never see an update, but the AI the bots have in hard mode isn't too bad, and I like that it uses its own network outside of Game Center. When playing online, expect some lag, but more often than not matches are really fun & make you learn a lot of new strategies to overtake some of the really seasoned players. If I only had one game on my phone, it would be this one. I always come back to it.

Great game

This is a very good game, but it lacks support. I have the second lightbike but this one is better. This app needs: -retina display support -iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th gen 4inch screen support. -Fix online mode.

This game cost way to much and the online mode is broken

Not too good


Don't buy it. The only reason it cost 3$ is because you can play online. YOU CANOT PLAY ONLINE THE SITE IS CRASHED.

No online

Wth happened? You can't get online anymore...

***Needed Update***

the-a-kill Needs update as soon as possible. Can't access online playing. the-a-kill

Da best

Let's get all the old players back and make it what it was in the good ol days!


Don't waste your money on this game... It can never keep a signal and crashes regularly. The free version is much better!

Fix the leavers!

AR Cerina- You quitter!! Cabo mentioned all the leavers but doesn't know that that scrub Cerina quits! I have proof, it's on twitter. Fix it pankaku so we can play without quitters and the real skilled players will rise. R1DA


KIK BUT! it's the most fun game I've played in a long time. Check out the tutorial on you tube "lightbike 101". It will help you alot. Hope to see ya playing out there. Robiwan.

Finally works again

Online Multiplayer is working again! This game has been through a lot, and it's good to see the developers are still supporting it. Although I don't play as much as before, it's still easily my favorite app in the app store. Skylit

One of my favs

Downloaded the free version a few years ago and have played it ever since. Ive played this longer than any other app. Just upgraded to pay version to support the devs. Its simplicity is the key. Does what it does really well. I do not like newer light cycle apps... This one feels like old school Tron. You just turn left and right and try to cut off the enemy. There is no xtra, over-designed mumbo-jumbo in there. Just good, basic light cycles. This is a really nice app and an easy five stars.


Boring after awhile. Server connection problems.


The Internet never works! ): it always says FAILED TO CONNECT TO SERVER!

Connection Failed

The online part of this game is not working.


I can't play online anymore!!! update this❕❕❕

Don't buy

How can a game called light bike ONLINE not let you get online! Useless. Buy the free version to play the standard non online game.


5 stars until it stopped letting me play online why?

List of Cheaters/C'mon!!!

WeirdBeard (still a good player) Maxlaw (always has been a cheater) (best player I've seen) :) Maxlaw100 Lickmybag ^_^-man Less than earlier in "Lightbike". Good job to cheaters. :)

Free Version is No Good

Free Version is No Good since I end up tapping the ads making me lose, so I have no choice but to buy the full version. All in all, a great game online.

Cheaters List

^__^-WOman ===tron=== Mrs Beanz ivan-dr or storm whatever... Maxlaw Lammaster Weirdbeard Heavyrider gaymunguy Losthope Beanz breathtake southside ^.....^ Bull1tt W.vanhalen Geeze! Except for skylit and ar-cerina is there a top player that ever takes a loss? Great game except for droppers and scoring. CABO


I would love to see new colors for Our bikes in this game. Like purple, or black. Better graphics couldn't hurt, but I'm not complaining. Now, I've faced a couple of good players lately. Tapshot is one, Atothek is another, and lastly, Sneeches. I gotta say watch out for these guys. They know how to take away points. If any of you three are reading this, Thanks for the rematches guys. Looking forward to our future battles.


The game can't UPDATE!!!! When I tried to update it failed to download!!!!! Now I can't play!!!!!

What the freak?

So here is the thing. Game was working just fine until the ios5 update. Now I can't even play it on hard mode. No Internet no hard difficulty? Someone just shoot me?

Great game needs update

I could never get board of this game. Somehow I stay entertained. But yes this game would be sooo much better with updates. Game been out awhile and nothing. I need more of a challenge. Playing online would be better than wifi. You say its coming out but when. And how can u plan for an update after the next update if u can't accomplish the first update? Well hopefully someday. Someday........ (UPDATE 24JUN10) Never thought there would be updates. PLayed about 9 months ago before i got sent to Iraq and seems to be the same problems then that are still happening now. As far as the lagging and not being able to see your bike becuase of it. I see updates but not fixing the problem i see. Update - 05FEB12 This game WAS fun but not anymore due to lightbike 2. Now it's no longer fun especially since we are still able to play online. This game has always been a failure. Once give 4 stars, now you only have one.

Okay, but has issues...

Fix the internet/network mode. I have tried many times to play an internet match, and all that has happened is either it just says "matching..." forever and never connects, or it matches up, but the connection fails. This is ridiculus. It's bad enough that you have to pay for coins to do an internet match on LightBike 2, but come on! Fix this! Minor things I would suggest is to add more selectable colors such as green, orange, or purple, even black would be cool, or/and allow players to set the rubber and number of AI's. Three AI's even on Hard is not much of a challenge. At least doubling that would be. And also, why is the arena made, even when at the largest size, to allow players to fall off? As I remember playing tron, the arena extented all the way to the wall. So why? Fix/Add on to all of this and it would get 5 stars.

Needs more people



Awesome Great Good Okay Mediocre Below basic Not good Bad Horrible


We, as humans, do not think of the world as a living organism that exists on a grand scale in a vast electro-magnigravitational sea, much less as the roots to our own existence. I believe we need to take the steps that will improve and advance our species as 2012 is upon us. In order for us to do this we must look at the micro/macro side of everything and let facts persuade theories instead of theories persuading facts. This game is great.

Online play is back!

The servers are working again. Great game! Gattgun

Game is dead

If I could give it zero stars I would, the best players don't play online is gone if It had an update I would easily give it all give starts just for knowing they still care about it 1.Skylit 2.Venom 3.Xenon 4.Beanz/Houston 5.Ivan-d.r/Puma 6.Gosterider(yes he cheats but he's a very good player) 7.Gattgun 8.WeirdBeard 9.The Rida 10.Lowlypawn

Waste of money

Online mode dosn't work. Don't waste your money or time on this piece of crap.

No online play

This ap use to work great and was very quick and responsive. Now it won't allow online play, which was the best part about the game. Please fix!


I bought this just for the online option, and it has not worked since I bought it. Not worth you money.


I really love this game but or some reason it crashed


I loved this app, but the Internet is not working. The wi-fi was on and everything but it didn't work. I love this app a lot but can you please give an update out? That would be great! It would be cool if you got change the color of the bike or the pattern of the laser left behind. Thanks and please try to give an update out:)

Cheaters stop the game from being great

Yeah, so the game has a great system of online play, but I've beaten one of the top players several times now, and twice the game has said that my game result was not saved to the server after I had already won, and the other few times it just said I've been disconnected from the server and the game counts as a tie. The times that he beat me though, of course there has been no problem. Glitches/hackers prevent the game from being as awesome as it should be. Otherwise, it's cool.

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